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[Material and style] : Pure cotton flame retardant twill , after washing for 50 or 100 times, it still meet the national and international flame retardant standards. the cloth thickness is moderate, comfortable and breathable, with good heat dissipation, and suitable for high temperature climate environment. The front zipper, pocket with large capacity, movable fold on the back for easy movement, triple needle stitching with flame retardant, making bar tack in the stress point .

[Applications]: Places with flame-retardant protection requirements such as welding, steel making, mining, petroleum, metallurgy,etc.

[Customization] : Fabric specifications, color, style, size can be customized according to user needs.

[Flame retardant standard] : GB8965, EN531, ASTM D6413. Arc heat resistance: ATPV: ≥ 7.0(ASTM F1506/ASTM M1959).

[Executive Standard] : GB8965.1-2009 "Flame Retardant protection of protective clothing Part 1: Flame retardant clothing"

GB12014-2009 "Anti-static Clothing"

CE EN470-1-1995 Protective Clothing for Welding and Similar Processes

CE EN531-1995 Flame Retardant Standard for Protective Clothing for Workers operating in High Temperature Environment (not applicable to welder clothing and fire protection clothing)

CE EN533 "Testing of thermal insulation, fire resistance and transient burning and spreading performance of protective work clothes and related fabrics and assemblies"

CE EN1149-1:1996 "Test methods and Requirements for surface resistivity and electrostatic properties of protective clothing"

CE EN1149-2:1997 "Test method for electrostatic properties and material resistance (vertical resistance)of protective clothing" CE EN1149-3:

2004 "Test method for measurement of electrostatic properties and charge decay of protective clothing"


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